Moments In Time

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Moments In Time

At an archaeological dig in present day Pompeii, the remains of many thousands of people are unearthed from a bygone era and an excavator discovers a carved pendant’s significance far exceeds its historical value.

Dr. Justin Edwards is a specialist in Roman archaeology. Recently single, he travels from turbulent Britain to work on a dig his colleague is overseeing. After grasping the pendant, Justin is inadvertently knocked unconscious and comes to before the deaths occurred, nearly 2,000 years in the past.

Now an ex-Roman soldier named Justinian, he is battling witches who are determined to end his life. He is inexplicably drawn to the exquisite Chinese slave girl, Feiyan, he saves from an ambush. She’s harboring a secret, but when he releases Feiyan from the witches’ evil spell, the pair fall madly in love. This is short-lived though, because after Justinian prevents mass death from a natural disaster, he awakens in his own time. Not only has the dig been affected, he learns the global political scene has shifted as well.

Feiyan is gone, but he recalls the pendant she wore is at another excavation site. Once there, Justin comes face-to-face with a vengeful, murderous, very alive Feiyan. He jumps back in time as she is about to strike a fatal blow.

He returns to present times and instead of Feiyan trying to kill him; the lovers reunite as if millennia hasn’t passed. Their bond is timeless, and just when Justin resumes his relationship with Feiyan, the unthinkable happens. He races to his ancestor’s home for answers and sanctuary, and to finally put an end the blood thirst his beloved soul mate has for him.